Paradise and Ruins Wiki

At the moment, there are in total 20 different zones with different mobs that drop different items (armour, weapons, potions,pets...); lets begin with:

Mongrels Beaches[]

Where everything starts. This is the location where you crashed and will begin your jour

ney to survive. 

Here you will find a sign that will help you learn the basics of the game and Mongrels (lvl 1) that will drop small potions and a shield.

Base Camp[]

First checkpoint of the game. Here you will find various small t

ents and a bigger tent where the first 2 merchants are located. Next to the tent there will be Aiden, an npc that will give you some simple quests, which, if you complete, you will in exchange receive gold, weapons and unique pets. There will also be other players that you can trade items and socialize with.

Beetles Forest[]

Located east of the base camp, there's the Beetles Forest, r

eally big and full of Beetles (lvl 3) that will try to kill you at all costs; these mobs will drop a helmet, a mortar and small potions. There's also very few Red Beetles (lvl 8), but you will find more in the Red Desert. You may as well find the entrance to the Crabs Lagoon.

Crabs Lagoon[]

After going down the ladder from Beetles Forest, you will enter the Crabs Lagoon, full of Crabs (lvl 5) that will drop a chestplate, a bow and small potions. At the end of the dungeon you will find some stairs that will teleport you further east in the Beetles Forest and closer to the next zone, the Red Desert.

Red Desert[]

A really big area, full of dunes, skulls and Red Beetles (lvl 8) that drop pants and a medic

weapon. You will as well find the entrance to a new zone, The Cave.

Somewhere in the desert, there is a secret teleport, that will take you to a bridge between Pirates Islands and Dragons Lair, using this teleport isn't recommended unless you have already reached level 60.

The Cave[]

The Cave is composed of 2 layers, in both you wil

l find Snakes (lvl 12) and Bats (lvl 15) that will drop leather gloves, implant of health, small potions, leather shoes and a wood bow.  


Located south of the Beetles Forest, there's the Wasteland. After going through the 2

 banners, PVP will be available and you will be able to attack players but also get attacked, death will result in a small coins loss, depending on the total coins you have in that moment.

The Wasteland is composed of 4 small circles, full of Mad Hatters (lvl 25) that will trick you to death, they drop a sword, mortar and medium potions. If you go to the north-west circle, the Witches Maze will begin, instead, if you go to the south-western one, you will find The Encampment.

Witches Maze[]

The name says it, its a maze, so watch out on getting lost in here. Also, Witches (l

vl 30) will be found here, they drop a bow and medium potions. If you manage to go trough the maze, you'll find yourself in The Snowlands.


Very snowy and cold, is populated by Ogres (lvl 35) that will hunt you down. They drop a

chestplate and medium potions. At the end of it, you will find the Pirates Islands.

The Encampment[]

These zone is composed by several small encampments, in which Knights (lvl 45) and Supreme Knights (lvl 55) live. They will drop a mortar, medic weapon, medium potions and a shield.

The central encampment will have a staircase that will teleport you into the Goblins Underground, instead, the eastern encampment will lead to The Farm.

The Farm[]

Just a farm, with wheat and cows; nothing to see in here.

Inside the entrance you will find the Pet Shop where you can buy pets and mounts.

Goblins Underground[]

The Goblins Underground is composed of 2  similar layers, full of Goblins (lvl 65) trying to stab you in the back; they will drop a bow and small/medium potions.

Pirates Islands[]

Composed of 3 main islands, its sorrounded by big boats and Pi

rates (lvl 75) that will try stealing all of your precious gold. They drop a chestplate, pants, mortar and medium potions.

North of the first island there will be Cleos Market (third merchant of the game) and to the south a bridge will bring you to the Zombies Farms. Instead, east of the second island, the mighty Dragons Layer begins.

Cleos Market[]

This is the second checkpoint of the game, safe from PVP. You'll also find Cleo , that w

ill sell only general items like potions and ammo for the bow and mortar. Trading with other players is also available in this zone.

Dragons Layer[]

The mighty Dragons Layer is composed by 5 different layers:

In the first layer you will find Druids (lvl 90) and Unknowns (lvl 110) that will respectively drop a sword, bow, large potions, shield and mortar.

The second layer is similar to the first one, with the only difference that there will be more Unknowns (lvl 110) compared to the first one.

The third layer has totally different mobs, which as Boneheads (lvl 130) and Mini Dragons (lvl 150) that spit fireballs; they will drop a bow, medic weapon, helmet, shield, large potions, mortar and boots. A legend says that Boneheads (lvl 130) are the remains of the proud warriors that fought the King Dragon (lvl 200), but failed in their mission.

The fourth layer has a spiral type of form and is full of Mini Dragons (lvl 150); at some point of the spiral, you will find a road that will bring you to the Knight Dragons (lvl 180), bigger, darker and stronger than their siblings; they will drop a sword, bow, pants, gloves and large potions. At the centre of the spiral you will find a staircase, where the King Dragon (lvl 200) is waiting, for the next challenger.

The fifth layer,​​ or Dragon Nest, is where the King Dragon (lvl 200) is located, father of all the dragons; this is the only boss in the game. It uses both fireballs and its claws to attack you. It will drop a chestplate, mortar, pet, implant of wealth, large potions and lots of gold.

Zombies Farms[]

South of the Pirates Islands, there's the Zombies Farms, where Zombies (lvl 220) will

try to eat your brain; they will drop a sword and large potions.

South of the Zombies Farms, you'll find a castle, instead, to the east and west, you'll find The Graveyards.

The Graveyards[]

Death awaits you here. Mobs like Undertakers (lvl 250) that shoot arrows and Grave Diggers (lvl 280) that will try

bringing you to hell; they drop 2 bows, a sword and large potions.

In both The Graveyards there will be a ladder leading you to The Sewers.

The Sewers[]

Very smelly and dark place, it's divided in many different rooms that you

can get to by jumping in the holes, some of them may bring you to the start though. In here you will find mobs such as Vampires (lvl 310) that shoot shurikens and Mimics (lvl 350) that will hide behind rocks to not get seen; they drop a mortar, bow, sword and large potions.

The Parking Lot[]

We're now in the future! Well, who knew that there's a parking lot above this dark, gloomy, and smelly sewers? It is located near the exit of the sewers. Here, you could find Cyberpunks (lvl 380) and Terroroids (lvl 410) mobs that is roaming around in this area. Both of them drops some parts of the NGS Armor Set, and the Slayer Sword.

The Hood[]

Welcome to The Hood, warrior. Be wary, people ain’t that much friendly in here! Captain Yam and the Gunners don’t treat visitors nicely. No outsider left this place alive. Fighting your way through this zone is the only option you have! Their territory has a defense mechanism- many sharp spinning metal circular blades are installed at the ground that deals a lot of damage when you accidentally step on it! Some blades move slowly and some are fast! If you don’t move fast, you may split in half. RIP

Here, you could find the Gunner (Level 410), and Captain Yam (lvl 480) . For now, their dropped items are unknown. It is located past the parking lot. It is a village that is inhabited by the Captain Yam and the Gunners