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To craft items, you need to collect resources such as wood and ores scattered around the world. To gather these resources you will need tools.


Use an axe to fell trees and collect logs for crafting

Item Logging Lvl Speed Sell
Stone axe
Stone Axe 1 2.5s 75
Bronze axe
Bronze Axe 20 2.2s 350
Iron axe
Iron Axe 55 2.0s 1250
Gold axe
Gold Axe 90 1.8s 3700

Pick Axe

Use a pick axe to mine rocks and collect ores for crafting

Item Mining Level Speed Sell
Stone pick
Stone Pick Axe 1 2.5s 100
Bronze pick
Bronze Pick Axe 25 2.2s 475
Iron pick
Iron Pick Axe 60 2.0s 1550
Gold pick
Gold Pick Axe 105 1.8s 5500
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