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|<nowiki>+35 HP</nowiki>
|<nowiki>+35 HP</nowiki>
|Implant of Speed
|Implant of Speed

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Implants provide passive buffs and are dropped by monsters and bosses

Item Required Lvl Ability
Implant of Health 15 +35 HP
Implant of Speed 65 +1 Walk Speed
Implant of Wealth 150 +15% drop rate of coins


Rings provide passive buffs and are crafted items. Each ring has a erosion rate which is the amount of hits the player makes to monsters and players

Item Required Lvl Strength Ability
Stone ring
Stone Ring 1 25 hits +35 HP
Bronze ring
Bronze Ring 10 50 hits +100 AP
Iron ring
Iron Ring 55 100 hits +2 Damage
Gold ring-2
Gold Ring 130 200 hits +2 Damage

+2% HP

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