Implants Edit

Implants provide passive buffs and are dropped by monsters and bosses

Item Required Lvl Ability
Implant of Health 15 +35 HP
Implant of Speed 65 +1 Walk Speed
Implant of Wealth 150 +15% drop rate of coins

Rings Edit

Rings provide passive buffs and are crafted items. Each ring has durability rate which is the amount of hits the player makes to monsters and players

Item Required Lvl Durability Ability
Stone ring
Stone Ring 1 100 hits +35 HP
Bronze ring
Bronze Ring 10 200 hits +100 AP
Iron ring
Iron Ring 55 350 hits +2 STR
Gold ring-2
Gold Ring 130 500 hits +2 STR

+2% HP

Platinum ring
Platinum Ring 220 700 hits +3 STR

+3% HP

Weapon Upgrade Kits Edit

Weapon Upgrade Kits are used to upgrade weapons and buff them. Kits come in different levels and each only upgrades certain level weapons. Some weapons can be upgraded multiple times depending on the weapon.

Item Weapon Lvl. Ability
Weapon Upgrade Kit I 50 to 100 +1 STR
Weapon Upgrade Kit II 101 to 200 +1 STR
Weapon Upgrade Kit III 201 to 300 +2 STR
Weapon Upgrade Kit IV 301 to 400 +3 STR
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