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There are many pets and mounts you can choose from and they all have special abilities to help you progress in the game. The pets main purpose is to provide the owner buffs and you will need to defend them during combat. Pets are available from completing missions and at the farm barn located east of Knights (lv. 65).

The pets abilities upgrade as the pet levels up. To level up your pet they must battle monsters.

Pet Llama is an auto looter and will loot nearby chests for you. The speed and range it loots depends on the level

Blood Wolf provides its owner with passive resistance buff. Notice the owners resistance go up as the pet levels up?

Foxy provides its owner with passive accuracy buff so the owner should get more critical hits the higher the pet levels up.

All the mounts provide a different walk speed boost.

You can heal pets using pet potions and revive them at Merchant NPCs if they have died. All pets have a level cap of its owners level.

Pet Status[]

When the pet is "equipped" you will see the pet status on the left with 3 buttons, ATK, DEF and X.

ATK: When this is on your pet will attack anything that you attack.

DEF: When this is on your pet will attack anything that attacks you.

X: Un-equip the Pet (back into the owners inventory)

Keeping Pets Alive[]

Pets are best at passive buffs and providing services but they are not as strong as monsters or players in combat. As pets give its owner special abilities its important to protect the pets and keep it alive.