You can craft items such as arrows, ingots and rings by using the resources you collected and placing them in the crafting slots at the crafting table.

Crafting Table Edit

The crafting table can be found at the first town

Crafting table

When you open the crafting table you will see the contents of your inventory on the left and the crafting/result slots on the right.

By dragging specific resources to the crafting slots if the resources can craft an item, you will see items appear in the crafting results slots below the crafting slots.

Crafting table2

When you see the item you want to craft in the result slot, tap on the item you want to craft and it will begin to craft the item.

Each craft item has a different craft time and craft success probability as shown below.

Crafting Items Edit

Place the recipe items for the item you want to craft into the crafting slot and tap the result item to start crafting the item

Item Crafting Time Probability Recipe
Stone axe
Stone Axe 20s 100% 5x Oak Log

5x Stone Ingot

Bronze axe
Bronze Axe 35s 90% 5x Willow Log

7x Bronze Ingot

Iron axe
Iron Axe 60s 80% 5x Rowan Log

10x Iron Ingot

Gold axe
Gold Axe 105s 80% 7x Palm Log

15 Gold Ingot

Stone pick
Stone Pick Axe 25s 100% 5x Oak Log

5x Stone Ingot

Bronze pick
Bronze Pick Axe 40s 90% 5x Willow Log

15x Bronze Ingot

Iron pick
Iron Pick Axe 70s 80% 5x Rowan Log

20x Iron Ingot

Gold pick
Gold Pick Axe 120s 80% 8x Palm Log

27x Gold Ingot

Arrows 5s 90% 1x Oak Log

1x Stone Ingot

Stone ignot
Stone Ingot 5s 100% 3x Stone Ore
Bronze ingot
Bronze Ingot 10s 100% 5x Bronze Ore
Iron ingot
Iron Ingot 25s 100% 10x Iron Ore
Gold Ingot 45s 100% 15x Gold Ore
Stone ring
Stone Ring 120s 85% 2x Stone Ingot
Bronze ring
Bronze Ring 155s 85% 4x Bronze Ingot
Iron ring
Iron Ring 230s 75% 7x Iron Ingot
Gold ring-2
Gold Ring 340s 75% 11x Gold Ingot


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